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Fishing In UAE

Fishing In UAE

Location of United Arab Emirate

The UAE is located between two prime fishing waters which are the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman. Very large coastlines exist between these two large bodies of waters which contribute to the popularity of fishing. Fishing in the UAE occurs as both a form of sport or entertainment and as a living for some residents. A large percentage of the fish landed in the UAE comes from these waters with a larger part coming from near the Straits of Hormuz.

Many cities along the coastlines of the United Arab Emirate serve as fish landing sites. These towns have various processing facilities for fishermen to have their catch properly processed and sold. The facilities are open to both wholesalers and retailers.

As residents in the UAE continue to rely on fishing as a major source of income, the government has instituted certain procedures to protect the fishing industry. These procedures can impact those seeking fishing expeditions as entertainment. However, the regulations are not so severe that they prevent others from enjoying a wonderful fishing charter.

Regulations for Fishing in UAE

The biggest regulations that tourists must adhere to when fishing in the UAE are:

  • Licensing
  • Ban against trawling
  • Fishing seasons

Fishing licenses in the United Arab Emirate are required by all fishermen. These licenses can be full 1 year licenses or can be obtained as a weekly license. The licenses are used to help limit the amount of fish caught and sold. The objective for this regulation is to limit the potential losses of fish supplies and preserve the fish supply for many years to come.

A ban against trawling has existed in the United Arab Emirate since the 1970s. This ban was instituted to help protect the marine habitat. Trawling can destroy natural habitats which will impact the number of fish in the area. By preserving the marine habitat, the UAE is helping to encourage an increase in the population of fish.

Fishing seasons are strictly adhered to in the UAE because these help to protect fish as well. Not only do regulated seasons help to protect the number of fish, but it also provides a time for the fish to repopulate their numbers.